WCK UK | Wing Chun Kuen United Kingdom Organisation

We Are Back!

The time has flown by it’s hard to think it’s August tomorrow!

However, I’m happy to announce all our schools will be reopened as of next week. It’s been a challenging 4 months for a lot of people and our schools but within 24 hours of hearing we would be going into lockdown we had a new website built which gave all the students a time table of online classes which ran 7 days a week providing more Wing Chun training than anywhere else.

All the team did there part which I’d like to thank you for and a special thanks to Sifu’s, Russell Benham, Jason Ludwig, Steve Poskitt and Paul Simpson who provided extra open sessions for all the students to watch daily.

Here’s what a few of the students said about our online sessions:

“Deeply impressed with WCKUK during the current crisis. Even though classes in person have temporarily stopped, all the Sifu’s are using their own time to either record or live feed class programmes and fitness regimes. I have never come across a club so dedicated to the students. Top marks for a top club! Thank you.”

“A massive thanks to Sifu Wes Hussey and all the WCKUK team for offering 7 days a week online training while we are in isolation. It’s been great for my mental health and has kept me in a positive mindset which is really important in these times. This is amazing how quickly you got this live for us! 🙂

“WCKUK online lessons have really allowed the Instructor team to demonstrate their passion and enthusiasm for not only their Wing Chun but their entire student base. The lessons are packed with knowledge and details, both theoretical and practical, and prove that the current lockdown is no barrier to learning great quality, Wing Chun.”

“I have done a few online classes. There is so much even in just one class and I hugely appreciate your precise analysis, care and generosity with your Wing Chun knowledge. I instantly feel my mood lifted! You guys are rocking Zoom!”

Looking ahead, all our clubs will be reopening next week.

We have everything in place to keep you safe, hand gels, masks (for those that want them) and we will continue to change our approach where needed.

To end with, it’s been great to see the support from all the students over this time I think we did a good job with the time we had to prepare and even if the worst happens and we face another lockdown over the winter months I can promise you training will continue now we have the structure in place. However, for now, make the most of the fact classes are reopening, speak with your own Sifu for details about your classes, and keep an eye on our Telegram group for daily updates.

I hope to see you soon!

Sifu W.