WCK UK | Wing Chun Kuen United Kingdom Organisation

Thank You!

While we are facing may be one of the biggest challenges in recent history the Covid-19 virus has affected the way we interact with each other and spend our time, we appreciate your well-being and have always been a forward-thinking Organisation which is why all our training and classes went online last week.

Within a few hours, we got all the schools online, built a website, and set up on-demand training through pre-recorded videos and live streams, set up a WCKUK support group where people can help each other in this time of need, as well as giving our students a 30-day planner to keep spirits and motivation high in a time when all the news seems negative.

I’d like to personally thank all of you for showing us the support and standing by your clubs when we needed you most. In return, we are going to be giving you more than you would normally receive every week and do our very best to keep your training going so you’ll have plenty to train while in isolation.

A big thank you to all the Sifu’s who have worked very hard in pulling this together in such a short period of time.

This will pass and life will return to normal, but for now, let’s make the most of this time and come out the other side 100% stronger and more connected.


PS: Please talk with your Sifu for more information. – https://landpage.co/wckukonline