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Sifu Wes Hussey

I started training Wing Chun over 18 years ago, it’s continued to be one of my main passions in life. I’ve been lucky enough to have trained with a number of Masters and Grandmasters from all over the world, who I would like to personally thank for all the knowledge and wisdom they passed on.

8 years ago I decided to only teach private lessons, at first I only taught a few hours a week, and now I get to teach and train over 8 hours every day and give other people the chance to gain the positive attributes Wing Chun has given me.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of people that enjoy training and teaching Wing Chun as much as I do. I’m very proud to have such a dedicated team of talented instructors that share the same goals that I do. We will continue to grow as an Organisation with one goal in mind, passing on the true art of Wing Chun.

WCKUK Chief Instructor
Sifu Bradley Thompson

After watching a demo in Kent in 1998, I started training Wing Chun and over 6 years progressed to an assistant instructor and then teacher. I had found a passion which has remained with me since my first class, to the present day.

A period of travelling abroad and location changes due to work gave me the opportunity to train under several Wing Chun masters. Whenever it was not possible to find Wing Chun classes I would continue to train individually, which eventually led me to seek 1:1 training which I, fortunately, found under the expert tutorage of Sifu Chris at WCKUK in East Grinstead and here I have trained for the last 4yrs, progressing rapidly to where I am now working towards Tech 2 and have been honoured to be asked to join the teaching team.

Finding the WCKUK Organisation I feel I have found my true Wing Chun home and am excited not only to further my own knowledge and skills but to also be able to impart this to my students will be a privilege and an honour.

WCKUK New Addington
Sifu Chris Mastin

Growing up I was always fascinated in martial arts and was a keen admirer of Kung Fu and its many great exponents, and in 2003 took my first Wing Chun Kung Fu class. I was extremely impressed with its speed, effectiveness and non-reliance on strength. I studied in a public class for 7 years and was lucky enough to see some truly inspirational masters of Wing Chun, and I am thankful for the effort and input I received in those years. In 2010, I felt I was not progressing towards my full potential and left to find a more fulfilling learning experience.

I started training with the WCK UK Organisation Chief Instructor Sifu Wes Hussey a few months later on a private student basis and very quickly started to reap the rewards of expert tuition. Not only did my technical ability rise exponentially, but I discovered the theoretical aspect, that truly allows the practitioner to apply its full effectiveness. Learning Wing Chun has been a hugely rewarding experience so far, and in 2013 I took the decision to start teaching on a private student basis with the WCK UK Organisation, and my desire is to help provide the same life-changing journey for others.

WCKUK East Grinstead
Sifu Daniel Atkins
Hello, my name is Daniel Atkins & I am the head instructor at WCK UK Chessington.
I started my martial arts journey back in the late 70’s training Judo & Karate, then moved into Amateur Boxing into my teens.
I have always had a penchant for fighting arts & fitness of all types, which eventually lead me into Wing Chun in 2004, where I was fortunate enough to meet my current Instructor (Sifu Russell Benham) at that time, training as a student at the same club as him.
I have always been fascinated & impressed by the flexible power & devastating effectiveness of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and it has been a wish of mine to eventually teach Wing Chun Kung Fu to others & to pass on my skills/knowledge to help keep this fantastic & formidable Martial Art alive in the 21st Century, plus to also help better my own understanding of it through teaching.
Although I had previously trained Wing Chun Kung Fu, I opted to start the highly effective WCK UK system from grade 1 and am now currently taking my 2nd Technician (black belt) grade.
It is my intention to make sure that Chessington Wing Chun classes are always fun, properly structured & designed for students of all skill levels, yet also provide the proper disciplines you would expect to find in a traditional Wing Chun school.
The whole WCK UK organisation is like one big family and I fully intend to make WCK UK Chessington a continuation of that ever growing family.
Wing Chun Kung Fu offers you a real sense of focus, confidence, security, discipline & overall well being, while also teaching you the practical skills needed to help deal with any potential physical or violent confrontational situations that may arise whilst out with your family and loved ones in this (sometimes unfortunately volatile) modern society we live in today.
I look forward to seeing you in class at the Tolworth Recreation Centre soon to begin your own personal Wing Chun journey.
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" 
Lao Zi.
“It is better to have the tools & choose to not use them, than to need the tools & have chosen to not have them”.
Sifu Daniel Atkins.
WCKUK Chessington
Sifu Daniel Marchant

I began practising Wing Chun for the purpose of self-defence and wanting to better my mental attitude. After seeing how effective and truly understanding the simple yet complex art of Wing Chun. I knew it was something that should be taught and shared with as many as possible.

This is why when I was offered the opportunity to be an Assistant Instructor at WCKUK Coulsdon and South Norwood’s kid's classes I took the offer as quickly as possible. Wing Chun changed my life for the better and I hope to inspire others and give them the same inspiration I have training with Sifu Jason Ludwig.

I have now been teaching the children at South Norwood Wing Chun and Coulsdon Wing Chun for almost 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it, alongside working at a school as a teaching assistant in a primary school for 3 years giving me the experience needed to work with children of all abilities and ages. I am keen to give children the crucial skills they need in life not only for self-defence but also to better themselves in both their mental attitudes, how they present themselves with confidence and carry themselves with pride, giving them the ability to represent what they believe.

Sifu Daniel Marchant

WCKUK Sydenham
Sifu Jason Ludwig

I started training martial arts in 1992, in traditional Yip Man Wing Chun under my Dad, and later under his Sifu, a formidable fighter who specialised in the deadly art of Tai Chi Chuan. Together, they taught me their fusion of ‘Wing Tai Chun’, until I took a break in 2005. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me. Within that time I also did private training under some other well known Wing Chun instructors, and competition fighters of various martial backgrounds. To compliment my training, I competed in school gymnastics and got my first experience in teaching Wing Tai Chun during my time as a Senior N.C.O. for the Army Cadets in secondary school, which included demonstrations to pupils, teachers and high ranking officers in the British Army.

My training restarted in 2007 under the Wing Tsun system, which I eventually started teaching at a basic level. Since late 2010 I have trained exclusively under WCK UK Purley with my instructors Sifu Wayne and Sifu Alan, and now I also am a part if the  WCK UK children’s division; Kung Fu Kids for 1 year. Some of my earliest memories are of training Wing Chun, having been raised into it from the age of 4 it remains to be one of my main passions in life. With its continually growing popularity, it became progressively more important to train the most effective Wing Chun available in the south of England; to train the Wing Chun which makes the most sense to me. I have found this with the WCK UK Organisation. I have also worked in feature films, most notably a short fight scene in ‘Kick-Ass 2’.

WCKUK Norwood & Coulsdon
Sifu Ken Pang

My journey started in 2012 when I started learning Wing Chun from my two Sifus, Steve Poskitt and Chris Connah. Before that I had learned Taekwondo as a child and spent some time learning Pak Mei. What started as something to do as a side activity has now become ingrained into my life. The first 3 years or so I was learning the Wing Chun system from my Sifu however I was offered the chance by my Sifu to train with Sifu Wes Hussey (my Si Gung) and then through Si Gung, the rest of his WCKUK students (my Si Baks and Si Suks).

From that moment I have found my knowledge in Wing Chun expand at an amazing pace. Training with such a variety of skilled Wing Chun practitioners has really developed my own understanding and application of Wing Chun to a point where I have the great honour of being invited into the teaching fold.

I find Wing Chun is a fascinating fighting system which is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The ability to defend oneself even against larger opponents utilising body mechanics, economy of motion, and inch power can be truly devastating. Every fight and every opponent is different, it is important to make sure you train hard and be open to varying training partners. I have found that since training opposite different people (and also against different styles), has really advanced my skillset. I intend to pass on the discipline and entire fighting system to as many people as possible. If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach.

WCKUK Seahaven
Sifu Paul Simpson

Sifu Paul started training in Wing Chun 11 years ago but in his search for the best and most suitable teacher he
found himself taking a break and learning Chow Gar Praying Mantis for 3 years in instructor classes - but Wing
Chun always beckoned!

Eventually, a suitable opportunity presented itself to return, and after opening a Wing
Chun school he looked for much higher level teachings in the art. The journey had been long and draining
mentally and emotionally, and in a determined effort to find a true home to thrive and grow with, he found Sifu
Wes Hussey and the WCKUK Organisation.

It was immediately apparent that there were gaping holes in not just his, but many other schools knowledge of
the Wing Chun system, and with a very clear concise way of explaining things in great depth, Sifu Wes
transformed his understanding of even the basics of Wing Chun, and now every step “backwards” to look at old
the material feels like many steps forwards!

With the path ahead unblocked, Sifu Pauls teaching ability, knowledge and renewed confidence can be felt in
his classes, and seen in his students, and with a growing full-time school this is more than just a new chapter
for him; it’s a whole new beginning!

WCKUK Lewisham
Sifu Phil Riggs
My name is Philip Riggs and I'm the head instructor for WCKUK Organisation in Farnham.
I start my wing chun journey back in 2013 and I have never looked back.
I was one of those people thinking shall I try it, is it for me and will I like it. Then someone told me it's best to know something and not need it  than to need it and not know it. Then I decided to try it and I was totally hooked after the first class. I wanted to learn a formidable internal self defence systerm that has devastating results if I ever needed it and wing chun was it.
The society we live in today can be very volatile and you never know what is going to happen from day to day.
Wing chun kung fu will give you the skills and coinfidence you need if you ever get into a situation where you can't walk away from, no matter if your on your own, with friends or family like it has given me.
Here at Farnham wing chun you will learn traditional wing chun kung fu in a fun, safe and professional environment. Each lession will be well structured and you will learn every aspect of each grade.
People of all ages, size and gender can learn wing chun that's the beauty of this marital art.
It's not the amount of years you have been training but the amount of hours within those years.
The more you put in the more you get out.
It's just the start of an amazing journey!
Fitness will be added to keep you sharp and alert!
Now i've come to a point in my live where I want to pass on what i've learnt and still learning.
Come down and check us out, you never know you just might just  become hooked like I was and you may even think why didn't I try this sooner.
WCKUK Farnham
Sifu Russell Benham

I started training Wing Chun in late November 2000, coming from a kickboxing background I wanted to find a more internal system that produced devastating results. I started to teach Wing Chun to concrete what I had absorbed as a student and to pass on what I had learnt, to think that one day what I had taught them could possibly save their life! Teaching Wing Chun for me has become a way of life, to pass the art on to others has given me great pleasure, watching the student understand and apply a technique for the first time and gain complete control of the situation is priceless and always brings a smile to my face.

Since training Wing Chun with the WCKUK and Sifu Wes Hussey there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I’m not surprised what the human body is actually capable of, its got me hooked!

WCKUK Wimbledon
Sifu Steve Henty

I have always been interested in fitness since a young age, I got into boxing as a teenager through to my early twenties, I then moved onto kickboxing and Thai boxing until my late twenties.

After trying out various martial arts I came across Wing Chun in 2008 in a local school, this was quite different to what I was used to as you didn't have to rely on fitness and had my balance taken from me very quickly when I tried to use my strength to control my training partner.

After a number of years I achieved my 1st black belt grade in 2012 and had dates set for my second but unfortunately had family and work commitments so couldn't find time to train.

I restarted my training in 2015 on a private lesson basis under Sifu Chris in East Grinstead under WCKUK Organisation.

After just 20 minutes of my introduction lesson I was blown away by the skill and knowledge by Sifu Chris, and after being unable to explain the single part of the theory of the Wing Chun system. I was happy to restart my grading back to student grade one.

I have now achieved my 1st TG (black belt) under Sifu Wes Hussey, and now feel a lot more confident and skilful in my Wing Chun.

After being asked if I would like to teach I was so grateful for the opportunity to further my training and to pass on the great knowledge that I have been taught under Sifu Chris.

I am now looking forward to many more years of training, training and progressing towards my 2nd TG.

WCKUK New Addington
Sifu Steve Poskitt

Steve first become interested in martial arts as a teenager at the height of the Bruce Lee craze and studied Feng Shou Kung Fu under Master Chee Soo. On moving to Brighton to attend university he was unable to find any Kung Fu schools in the area teaching so called soft styles. After trying several other arts he eventually found a class studying Pak Mei ( White Eyebrow ) Kung Fu and resumed his martial arts training.

Unfortunately the classes did not continue and he spent several years studying a variety of other arts including Zen Chuan and Taekwondo. It was at this time an interest in weapons training blossomed and Steve spent several years training with nunchaku, swords and knives. In the early eighties Steve first discovered Wing Chun when a friend asked him to join him at a class in Brighton started by Master ( now Grand Master ) Kevin Liu,  thus an obsession for Wing Chun was born.

After being involved in a car accident while working in Thailand Steve was advised by doctors to stop martial arts training and for some years avoided any serious training, just training sporadically in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. In 2004 Steve's son, then aged 12 years, pressured him to resume training a martial art and, after much searching eventually both began training in Nam Pai Chuan, a Shaolin based system from Malaysia under Sifu Matthew Gross at Sussex University.

Realising that the doctors may have been playing it safe Steve immediately sought out a Wing Chun class, and resumed Wing Chun training under Sifu John Woolgar and Sifu Pete Woolgar ( this was the Leung Ting WT lineage ). Several years later Steve continues his training under Sifu Wes Hussey of the WCKUK , teaching at the Brighton Wing Chun School.

WCKUK Brighton
Sifu Talon Campbell

Martial arts was introduced to me from a young age, through my father and a catalogue of various videotapes and books I grew up watching and reading. As a child, I tried Karate and Taekwondo, but neither styles felt right in the martial journey I wanted to take. That was until around 5 years ago when I decided to find a Sifu of Wing Chun.

After visiting numerous schools of various lineages around the UK, I found WCKUK South Norwood held by Sifu Jason Ludwig. My first lesson with Sifu Jason just ‘clicked’ and I knew I had found the right place for me. I have now been training & studying for a few years between South Norwood, Coulsdon and Purley, averaging up to 6hrs a week in private lessons from Sifu Jason, as well as attending all the WCKUK inter-club seminars throughout the year.

This lead me to becoming an assistant instructor in the South Norwood, Coulsdon and Purley adults & children's classes, which I have been doing for nearly 2 years. In mid-2018, I attained my 1st Technician Grade testing under Sifu Wes Hussey, Founder and Chief Instructor of WCKUK. I am now working towards my 2nd Technician Grade, and it was at this time that I felt the time was right to take the next step in my teaching journey and open my own school with students of my own.

I am very proud & honoured to be a part of such a highly skilled and humble instructor team here at WCKUK.
I hope to see you in my Wing Chun class soon!

WCKUK Sidcup
Sifu Wayne Agnew

My introduction to martial arts came when I took a job as a Door Supervisor (bouncer) while I was at university. I worked as a bouncer for extra cash and also to pay off my loans post university. There was limited self-defence training given to me and I wanted to be able to safely diffuse aggressive night clubbers. My colleague Nick introduced me to something called Wing Chun, which I had never heard of before. I gave it a try and after a couple of sessions I was hooked. I was heavily into power lifting at the time and was totally intrigued as to how I could be so strong but be manipulated like a small child by only using my own strength against me.

As I progressed I found I was able to incorporate my training into the more practical aspects of my work. After 8 years as a Door Supervisor I was responsible for managing 14 Supervisors in one of the largest nightclubs (2000 capacity) in the South. Wing Chun training made me more confident in my own abilities and got me out of hundreds of sticky situations, a few potentially life changing. Not only did Wing Chun make me safer, but it also enabled me to efficiently manage difficult patrons who had been asked to leave the nightclub, this dramatically reduced the risk of injury for all involved.

I no longer work in a nightclub but I have continued with my training and it has now been 20 year since my first lesson. My focus has now changed from pure self-defence to understanding the mathematical use of angles, levers, moments and body mechanics in Wing Chun (I studied Mechanical Engineering at university), a modern ethic in a very traditional system. This theory actually makes the system easier to learn as it makes use of the tools everyone has without the need to be a gymnast or hours spent conditioning yourself. I have spent the last 10 years training under Sifu Wes Hussey, and knew it was the right time to share the Art with others. My style of teaching is relaxed and practical and I believe in being humble and friendly. This I believe is the best way to develop my students.

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