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New WCKUK School Opening Soon!

We are very proud to announce the opening of our brand new location in Seahaven! The school will be run by Sifu Ken Pang, a student of Sifu Steve from Brighton Wing Chun and also a private student of WCKUK Chief Instructor Sifu Wes Hussey. Look out for more news and the website coming soon! […]

New Online Uniform Shops!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our online uniform shops! You can now order uniform and have it delivered to your home within 14 days! Just head to your Sifu’s website and look for the new shop icon. We’ll be adding more items soon as well as limited edition seasonal wear so […]

About Sifu…

Students have asked me why I don’t promote myself much. I get the question “Why don’t you post videos on YouTube?” and “Why don’t you post photo’s of your training?” Well the short answer is, I don’t really need to… I don’t run a class, and I don’t really have time to teach anymore people. […]

Opening Night At Coulsdon Wing Chun!

On February 14th Sifu Jason Ludwig  along with his team opened our new Kung Fu Kids classes in Coulsdon. The turn out was great with over 30 children enjoying the Wing Chun class, demo’s and cupcakes! 🙂 A big thanks to Angela & Sandy for helping set up the class, and now the focus is […]

New Class For Kids In Coulsdon

To start 2017 we are very proud to announce the opening of a brand new Wing Chun class in Coulsdon run by Sifu Jason Ludwig! The opening night will be on the 14th of February and spaces for this class are already filling up quickly! You can find out all you need to know by […]

Make The Right Choice! – Sifu Keith Collyer

Within the Wing Chun world, it is sometimes thought that the third form, Bui Tze, is the emergency form, regaining the centreline, when actually its an attacking form, using the angles, pressing forward through a weak defence, using the separation of the joints to gain more range when needed when the body and footwork has […]

WCKUK YouTube Channel

More video’s going up over the next few weeks for you to enjoy! Subscribe here YouTube.com/WCKUK

2016 Wrap Up

2016 was a great year for the WCKUK Organisation, we saw a lot of students moving up the ranks in to the TG levels as well as students passing the SG levels. We saw a lot of new faces join our branches, and had a record turnout for our end of year seminar. We’d like […]

Holiday Offer Coming Soon…

Look out for our offer which will run throughout December for anyone that wants to start something new in 2017. This year we’ll be giving you the chance to try our Wing Chun classes for free! The best place to find out about this offer with be our Facebook Page or on our Twitter Feed. […]

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