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3 Day Bank Holiday Seminar

Over the bank holiday weekend I hosted a 3 day seminar at the HQ. 5 hours each day, covering everything from the basics right through to the Bart Cham Dao techniques. All in all it was great to see everyone training hard and really getting a better understanding of the system. The feedback was good […]

Brighton Wing Chun Demo

On May 6th Brighton Wing Chun and Seahaven Wing Chun gave a free Wing Chun demo in Brighton. Amazing feedback from the day with lots of people getting involved. Special thanks to Sifu Jason Ludwig for helping out as well. Great day! 🙂

Brighton Wing Chun Joins WCKUK!

Today was the launch of the brand new Brighton Wing Chun website which can be found here! Sifu Steve Poskitt who has been training with myself for around 9 years decided to join our Organisation and relaunch under the WCKUK banner. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Seahaven Wing Chun run by his student Sifu […]

Opening Of Banstead Wing Chun!

On the 28th of February Sifu Steve Dare opened the doors at Banstead Wing Chun. Despite the snow and ice, it was great to see some new students making and down to see what WCKUK Wing Chun is all about and for those that couldn’t make it we’ll look forward to meeting you next week. […]

2018 News

With 2018 starting off with so much I didn’t get time to update the site so here’s what’s happening. The BIG news is we are very proud to announce the opening of a new club run by Sifu Steve Dare, who trains under Sifu Russell Benham in Wimbledon. Sifu Dare will be teaching in Banstead […]

2017 Wrap Up

Let me start by saying thank you to all the students have have come through are doors this year and to those that have been with us from the start. We appreciate every one of you, and we will continue to do our best to give you quality Wing Chun training in every class we […]

Sifu Jason Ludwig – 5th PG Level!

On November 19th Sifu Jason Ludwig was awarded the 5th PG level. Having trained Wing Chun from the age of around 4 years old with his father, Sifu Jason is someone who has always continued to improve and practice, and is a student who has dedicated his life to Wing Chun. In he was taught […]

End Of Year Seminar 2017!

On Sunday November 19th at the Wimbledon Wing Chun HQ we held our 2017 end of year seminar. Sifu’s Russell Benham, Wayne Agnew, Jason Ludwig, and myself as well as the other WCKUK instructors taught 4 training stations each one covering a different subject. Without a doubt this was the best year yet, with a […]

Weekend Wing Chun Workshop

The past weekend students and instructors from the WCKUK South Norwood, Seahaven, Oxted and East Grinstead came along to a 2 day Wing Chun workshop here at the HQ. On the first day 5 hours were spent covering the student grades with some added information thrown in, and breaking down the core ideas behind each […]

New Online Shop Improvements

After 6 months of trial running our first shop we’ve listened to your feedback and have almost completed the new online shops. You asked for quicker delivery times, well we’ve gone for 3-5 weeks to 3-5 days!  You wanted lower postage? Well now it’s a flat rate no matter where you are. You wanted more […]

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