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News For February

January was a great start to the year and already we’ve seen our new referrals program doing well with a lot of you taking us up on our £50 cashback reward. Big thank you to everyone who took part last month and for those that missed it check out the information on our private Telegram Group. Also nice to see some of you have taken advantage of our new membership packages that offer more value to those of you that want to train more than once a week.

So moving into this month I’m very happy to announce we have two new locations opening!

The first is on the South Coast in Seaford which will be opening on March 7th run by Sifu Poskitt, if you’d like to try out a lesson the first one is free. All you need to do get yourself booked in by tapping the link. This will be for adults and also we’ll be offering children’s classes as well.

The second location I won’t reveal just yet as we are still finalising a few things, and I also have some very exciting news surrounding the Crawley class run by Sifu Keith Collyer which I’ll share in the same post in one weeks time.

Lastly, if you’re not following us on Instagram you might want to start as next month we’ll be running some competitions where you’ll be able to win some very nice prizes that money can’t buy… Follow us now by clicking right here.

Expect a big update in a weeks time I have a lot to share with you 🙂

Sifu W.