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February Updates!

It’s now official we now have opening dates for the two new locations. March 7th sees the opening of Seaford Wing Chun, this will start off with adults, and a few months in Sifu Steve Poskitt and team will be opening a children’s class as well. The launch night is open to all WCKUK students and instructors if you’d like to go down and show some support.

The 2nd location is in Sydenham Wing Chun and this will be a children’s only class teaching from the ages of 7-12 years old, with more classes and ages being added after, run by Sifu Dan Marchant.

Also, we will soon be launching new kids classes in Crawley. We’ve had a lot of demand for this class and now we felt was the right time to do this. All our kid’s classes are run in the same way, we don’t charge for gradings, we keep the price points clear and simple with no upsells, and we teach 100% Wing Chun… not a nunchucker in sight 😉

Seriously though, we want to reward children for starting this Martial Art so early in life, so when they get into there teens, then adults they’ll have trained many years and already be very skilled without having to start over. This not only helps them, but it also helps the Art of Wing Chun. Next week we’ll be sharing more information on this and giving you a page where you can register your interest and learn more.

Lastly, it was nice meeting up with another school owner last week and sharing what we had to offer, happy to say the meeting went very well and when the time is right we’ll have some very exciting news all about it to share with you.

Let’s see what March brings! 🙂

Sifu W.






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