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Student Feedback & Replies | End Of Year Seminar 2016

The different teaching styles of every Sifu was interesting to witness and it was evident that the seminar was well planned as a whole. With a nice variety of techniques and aspects of Wing Chun being taught at each station, it kept everything interesting and engaging.

The level being taught was quite advanced and I was pleased, as a 4SG student, I did not feel out of my depth. Each Sifu explained the techniques thoroughly and I surprised myself with what I was able to achieve.

The 4 hour session went quickly (a good sign) and each station was very thorough. However, with 5 ‘lessons’ taught it would have been beneficial to have a recap session at the end of the seminar from each Sifu.

It was a privilege to have so many Sifu’s in one room. This seminar currently only occurs once a year and  given all WCKUK students look to Sifu’s and Technicians as mentors, it would have also been nice to have a general Q+A for 15-20 minutes about their Wing Chun backgrounds and Wing Chun stories.

Overall a great seminar and experience!

– Thanks for the feedback Paul, next year we’ll try and squeeze another 30 minutes out the venue for a Q&A. We are glad you enjoyed the day and appreciate the feedback! – Sifu