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News For July!

First off let me apologise for the lack of updates in June. The reason for that is it’s been very busy here and a lot has been happening so the blog didn’t make the todo list. However, let’s go over the news and fill you in with what’s been going on!

First up I’m happy to say the new full-time school in Lewisham is going from strength to strength and student numbers have doubled as many new people are coming in every day to see what our Wing Chun is about. With that being said, Sifu Paul has decided to offer a new children’s class that will start on July 27th! If you’d like to find out more or to book a free trial visit his website lewishamwingchun.com

Second, Sifu Jason is arranging a seminar in Croydon which has attracted a lot of attention from students of other Organisations. While it’s nice to know you are interested, we keep our seminars for members only. However, you are always welcome to come to any of our classes if you’d like to find out more about what we do. We are very open and always happy to welcome you along. For information about the seminar contact Sifu Jason via croydonwingchun.com 

Third. Sifu Talon Campbell from Sidcup Wing Chun is offering a great deal if you see his new billboard in Sidcup just take a photo and he’ll give you a whole month’s worth of FREE training! 🙂 So if you live in the area keep your eyes open and get involved.

Forth. Our new kid’s classes at Crawley Wing Chun start next month, we are going to be offering one price point and all gradings are going to be 100% FREE. All children will still receive a certificate when passing. For all the information and to register as spaces are going to be limited. Hit this link now. crawleywingchun.com/kids

Lastly, we’ll be offering some limited WCKUK merchandise but this will only be available for the students that are a part of our Telegram Group. We have close to 100 of you on there and there are now over 55 articles, daily training tips, polls, news and more so if you aren’t taking advantage yet why not? It’s FREE for all members. ASK YOUR SIFU 🙂

Some big news coming for next month but I’ll save that till then!

Sifu W.