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Kids Kung Fu Classes Coming Very Soon!

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes we are almost ready to launch the start of our Kids Kung Fu classes! We’ve had a lot of requests to teach children, and now we are happy we’ll be able to do this. So how are we different from all the others? Here’s 7 points for now… more to come once we open the website.

  1. We have decided to make all gradings for kids 100% FREE. We understand costs can add up so this is our way of helping. All children will still receive a certificate once passing a grade.
  2. We’ll only have 1 price point. Many places you’ll find the costs increase as your child moves up the ranks, which we feel is not necessary. All the costs will be make clear from the start.
  3. Free monthly positive reward schemes, which will help not only behavior in class, but also at home and school.
  4. No contracts or the use of billing companies. All payments will be make via standing order which you’ll be in full control of. We won’t use contracts all we’ll ask is for is 1 months notice if you decide it’s not for you.
  5. All our instructors will be first aid trained and have the latest DBS checks.
  6. Classes will be capped at 15 children with two adult instructors per class.
  7. Interactive Certificates! More on this a soon…

We will be opening the new website soon while you wait you can join our free newsletter by leaving your email on the following web address! kidswingchunclasses.com

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Sifu Wes Hussey