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Make The Right Choice! – Sifu Keith Collyer

Within the Wing Chun world, it is sometimes thought that the third form, Bui Tze, is the emergency form, regaining the centreline, when actually its an attacking form, using the angles, pressing forward through a weak defence, using the separation of the joints to gain more range when needed when the body and footwork has not the space to regain the distance.

Now the Second form, Chum Kiu is the form that redirects force, bridging and taking the opponents energy, like a ball being pushed down in a bucket of water, it will only go so far then redirect and pop up somewhere else, this is the true application of the Chum Kiu form, you flow around and replace force, like a uncoiled spring, you bridge, stick, flow, control then you can either attack or disengage depending on the situation.

The longer i have trained, the more similarities i see in all the Martial Arts, when we start we are only seeing the differences.

It does not matter about the Art, find something that suits the reason you want to train, and find a good ethical instructor.

Don’t be blinded by sales talk, promises of black belts, fantastic looking Dojo’s, ask real questions and expect honest answers, how will you know?

You just will, intuition and gut feeling, these will help you to make the right choice!


Sifu Keith Collyer
WCKUK Wing Chun Crawley