WCK UK | Wing Chun Kuen United Kingdom Organisation

About Sifu…

Students have asked me why I don’t promote myself much. I get the question “Why don’t you post videos on YouTube?” and “Why don’t you post photo’s of your training?”

Well the short answer is, I don’t really need to… I don’t run a class, and I don’t really have time to teach anymore people.

You see when I started this Organisation I decided instead of marketing myself 24/7 like most do, I’d promote my students/instructors instead. If you look at most Wing Chun organisations it’s mostly about one man, everyone else gets little or no mention for the hard work they put in, for me it’s about the team I teach and work with, people like Sifu Russell Benham, Sifu Keith Collyer, Sifu Jason Ludwig, Sifu Chris, Sifu Wayne, Sifu James Leyland and those that have come and gone… because without them the Organisation wouldn’t exist and you might not be learning Wing Chun.

I’ve helped my students become talented instructors, watched as they have improved in skill over the years, and for me this is enough. I’m happy seeing other students who have never trained with me, learn what took me many years to learn, through the WCKUK team that I teach and work with now. The years of training, making seminars, making notes, the countless hours of practice that only a few old training partners know about… this hard work is now getting passed on via these people.

Today’s world is a funny place, the need for approval, to be seen, and for others to “Like” what we do is almost part of daily life. Sure you might say, well why post this? And my answer is simple, it’s to give thanks to those that have helped me and continue to do so, because I’m no more important than my team, I’m just someone who enjoys teaching and training Wing Chun like those I mentioned above.

I hope this answers the question, and gives a little insight.

Sifu W.