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2018 Winter Seminar!

On Novemeber the 18th we held our annual winter seminar.

For me this is always a highlight of the year, and this year was our biggest one yet!

Sifu’s Russell Benham, Wayne Agnew, Jason Ludwig, Keith Collyer, as well as myself and the rest of the instructor team all helped out, making this seminar one to remember.

The feedback was maybe the best yet, with a lot of emails, messages coming in within hours. Thank you all for making this day one we won’t forget. The big news on the day was Sifu Steve Dare, Wes Ash, Steve Poskitt and Keith Collyer all being awarded the 5th PG level which was a massive milestone for them. On top of that we saw Sifu Jason Ludwig awarded the 6th PG level and Sifu’s Russell Benham and Wayne Agnew being awarded the 7th PG level. Amazing work by all…

Year on year the Organisation has grown, while maintaining the highest quality which is something I’m very proud of. It’s never been about how many students we have, but the level of skill and quality for the ones that are with us. Every year we hit new goals, and next year will be no different. However I’ll save all that news for next months blog.

To end this again, big thanks to everyone that came down and showed support 🙂

Sifu W.